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Hispanic Dating Sites - Questions to Ask Dating Online Services

Hispanic Dating Sites - Latin Dating Sites. There are over 1,400 dating sites. Some services or free and others require paid monthly subscription. Review Hispanic Dating Sites all reputable respected professional dating online services. Subscription dating services require monthly fees. Services established near to 10 years or more. one of the oldest services with millions of members. Established dating bulletin in 1986 and has expanded in national and international dating service. Dedicated to casual and long term relationships.  Has two Hispanic dating -Latin dating sites and Countries included the United States, Mexico, Caribbean, Latin America, Canada and Australia. Languages are English, Spanish, Portuguese and German. founded 2003 national and international dating service. Co-founder, Dr. Pepper Schwartz founded Duet Compatibility System. PerfectMatch has 11,000,000 registered members. Duet Compatibility System drills down to the real compatibility of members. Committed to long-term relationships. Specialized category Hispanic/Latin Dating Online. eHarmony founded in Santa Monica, California in 2,000. Nationally, one of the largest online dating sites in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. Committed to long-term relationships. Services in USA only.Specialized niche category Hispanic Dating Online. Unique 29 Dimensions of Compatibility technology predicts mate compatible. Member complete profiles and personality survey for accurate compatibility matchmaking.  Members include all ethnic backgrounds, religions and regions. Review and choose dating site that best suites your individual requirements and dating goals.  Sites offering serious long term relationships are Amor, Corazon, Perfectmatch and eHarmony. Amor and Corazon also offer casual dating relationships.
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One of the oldest online dating sites on the Internet. Starting as a bulletin board in 1986. Having approximately 8,000,000 registered members. 50,000 new members each month. The average age of members is 35 years old. Demographically, professional, educated and members seeking strong relationships. Members looking for friendship, love, romance short term relationships, long term relationships and or marriage. One of most respected dating services online. New members complete an extensive questionnaire of multiple choice questions. Optional 20 longer essay questions but give deeper in depth in to personalities. Matchmaker sites include multiple chat community rooms, video, audio web messaging, dating advice, dating safety tips and more.

FREE membership allows profile posting and performance search. Communication with a match requires membership. Paying members are considered serious members.

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  • (Latin/Hispanic Dating) Major online dating services dedicated to the Latin Community. International Hispanic Dating: National, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Spain 

  • (Latin/Hispanic Dating)
  • Mature Single Click (Senior Dating) 
  • (Single Dating)
  • Single Parent Click (Single Parent Dating)
  • Black Dating Click (“African American Dating) 
  • Gay Dating ( Gay/Lesbian Dating)
  • Christian Matchmaker (Christian Dating) 
  • Catholic SoulMates (Catholic Dating) 
  • Jewcier (Jewish Dating) 
  • Australian Singles 
  • Canadian Singles
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • German
Single Members Looking for:

  • Dating
  • Casual Dating
  • Long-Term Relationships
  • Friends
  • Marriage

 PerfectMatch adults searching serious and long lasting relationships. Co-founder, Dr. Pepper Schwartz founded Duet Compatibility System. PerfectMatch has 11,000,000 registered members. Duet Compatibility System drills down to the real compatibility of members. Founded in 2003 with premium approach enjoys higher conversion results for members. The multi-page personality survey used to determine compatible mates. Survey must be completed for access to Duet assessment. 3 day FREE trial. Can search based on different criteria: personality type, keyword and other individual selections. Can remain anonymous. Only first names with profiles and photos are optional. Email are sent via A member can be blocked helping to facilitate safety and privacy. An undesired match can be closed.

Advanced technology and customer support provided. Technology advantages video profile available both on site and cable on Demand services. Comforting customer services: Dating Advice, Dating Safety Tips and FAQs on online profiles. Emails sent directly to customer service representative. PerfectMatch has been seen on Regis and Kelly, Dr. Phil, Good Morning America and Dancing With the Stars

PerfectMatch Dating Niches:

Hispanic/ Latin Online Dating
  • National and International Dating
  • Senior Online Dating - In response to a 60% increase in singles 50 years and older dating PerfectMatch online service dedicated to Senior Dating. 2006- to 2007 surge baby boomer singles by 140%. One of largest demographic dating group is Senior Dating. Christian Senior Dating.
  • Asian Dating
  • Black Dating
  • Catholic Dating
  • Christian Dating
  • Conservative Dating
  • Cougar Dating
  • Country Dating
  • Dog Lover Dating
  • Executive Dating
  • Gay Dating
  • Jewish Dating
  • Lesbian Dating
  • Military Dating
  • Pet Lover Dating
  • MORE

Hispanic Dating - Meet Compatible Hispanic Singles Online at eHarmony

In 1997, Dr. Neil Warren a practicing clinical psychologist collaborated with Dr Galen Buckwalter then a research professor and University of Southern California. Both sought to identify characteristics between couples associated with successful relationships. After three years research identifying leading personality traits the predict the potential for successful long-term relationships. They are called the 29 Dimensions of Compatibility. Dedicated to matching compatible mates.

Opening in Santa Monica, California in 2000. eharmony claims to be the #1 Trusted Relationship Services Providers in the USA. Specializing in long term relationships. 20,000,000 registered members of all ages, ethnicity's, national origins, political beliefs and religious beliefs. Dating niches: Senior Singles, Hispanic Singles, Christian Singles, Jewish Singles, Black Singles, Asian Singles and 30s Singles. Relationship Labs and research facility. eHarmony relationship advice, safety and dating tips. Today approximately 542 eHarmony members marry per day in the United States. eHarmony available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

4 Steps to Finding the Right Mate Match:

  • Complete individual Relationship Questionnaire and get FREE Personality Profile.
  • FREE review of selected highly-compatible matches.
  • Pick plan best for you.
  • No pressure know your matches at your own pace and start dating.
Note: I am not recommending one or the other Hispanic/Lating Dating Service. Only stating features and some background of each service. Important that individual does own homework for each service. Rely on own interviews and investigations.

Questions to Ask Hispanic/Latin Dating Services.

- When was Online Dating Service established and what is its reputation?

- How many members and what locations (local, national, international)?

- What languages spoken (English, Spanish, Portquese) ?

- Specific location and countries?

- What typed of relationships is service geared for (casual relationships or serious relationships)?

- What are dating specialized categories ( Hispanic dating, senior dating, single dating, single parent dating and etc) ?

- Research customer reviews online.

- Does service provide background checks on members? Check dating services participants screening process and the type of reporting measures that the online service provides. The majority of online dating members are honest and sincere but there are online scam artists. Inquire if the online service requires background checks on members? What type of background check? If not you may want to do your own background check with the other parties consent.

-Better Business Bureau
Check with the Better Business Bureau verify if online dating service is a member. If dating service is a member check complaints against the service. Additionally, if you are a member of dating service you are able to file a complaint.

- Research What Each Online Service Offers.

- Verify is service has customer service department.

- Professional Online Dating Services if there monthly fees. Research what services each online service offers its member (chat room, email service, photos, personal analysis, suggestion for best match, dating tips, dating safety tips, member background checks, if service member of Better Business Bureau, what try of dating is offered and etc. Decide which online dating service is beneficial for you.

- E-Mail Account
For online dating create a separate email account. The separate e-mail account provides anonymity and can be cancelled is necessary.

- Subcription and Monthly Fees

Verify subcription and monthly fees for each dating service. Based on fees what benefits are included for members?

Disclosure: Compensated Affiliate have not used these services information based on market research prospective members should rely on own research.

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Dating Places - Hispanic Latin Mexican USA Museums

Rivera Diego
"Girl with Lilies" 1941
 We all know the usual dating spots. Common dating places: restaurants, coffee shops, picnic at park or beach, bike or skating excursion or drive along the coast or country side. Some other dating places to add to your dating picks. I am a history and art buff. Art, culture and history are intertwined. Spend a day in Hispanic Latin Mexican Museum locations various in the USA. Ancient to present Hispanic, Mexican and Latin arts and culture. Unfortunately, there are not Hispanic Mexican Museums in every major city in the U.S. If you are in the area go on a couple date or take the family. Enjoy museum restaurants and gift shops. Museum of Latin American Art has beautiful sculpture garden great place to have a picnic. Leisurely day exquisite ancient to present day art and cultural.

National Museum of Mexican Art
National Museum of Mexican Art
1852 W. 19th Street
Chicago, IL 60608
The largest Mexican cultural museum center in the nation. Founded by Carlos Tortolero and other educators and open 1987. Provides beautiful rich Mexican artistic works and culture. Exemplifies, visual and performing arts in the Mexican culture. Art collection over 7,000 works from ancient Mexico to present. Ephemera, folk art, photography, paintings sculptures, pre-Cuauhtemoe, prints drawings and textiles.  Cultural programs include symposia, theater, music, dance, authors and performance companies. Sor Juana Festival  women perform accomplishments of Mexican women. A nonprofit institution.

Museum of Latin American Art
Museum of Latin American Art
628 Alamitos Ave
Long Beach, CA 90802
Modern and contemporary Latin Art. Museum in 1996. Works from Tamayo, Matta, Cruz-dieza, Los Carpinteros and Tunga  -  Sculpture Garden - Banquets and Meeting - Educational Tours - Shopping - Dining - Event Calendar - MOLAA Travelers

The Mexican Museum

Frieda Kahlo
 Mexican Museum

38 Fort Mason
San Francisco, CA 94123
Founded by artist Peter Rodriguez. Located in San Francisco, CA. Devoted to Chicano and Mexican art and culture.Museum wealth center of Mexican artworks and culture.

Mexican and Mexican American Fine Art Museum of Texas
Mexic Arte Museum
419 Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas 78701
Traditional and contemporary Mexican, Latino and Latin American art. 1,500 traditional, historic and contemporary art and material culture. Collection include folk art, drawings, paintings, prints, textiles and photographs. Featured: Adult and Youth Education - Tours - Lectures - Collections - Current Exhibitions - More.

Emory - Michael C. Carlos Museum
Ancient Americas, Egypt, Nubin, Near East, Greece, Rome, Africa and Asia collections.

El Museo
New York, New York

San Antonio Museum of Art
Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Latin American Art
San Antonio, Texas

More Dating Places

There are many dating places locally and nationally. Each couple have different interests. Both may enjoy physical activities. Commonly, one many be physically active loves the gym while the other dater many have no interest in physical activities. There are dating place for everyone. There are active dates examples: hiking, biking, skating, swimming and etc.. Museums, antique shops and books stores are wonderful places for art and history buffs. Some daters may enjoy gambling in casinos and professional entertainment in the casinos. Some do not recommend movies on the first date. I disagree  first date movie may memorable. Wine tasting couple or with a group of friends is a adventure. Pack a picnic go to a local parks or beach's. Restaurants and dating go hand-in-hand. Nothing is wrong with a lunch or dinner at home. Dining at home you can set the atmosphere with wonderful meal, music and  dvd movies.

Enjoy Date Places 
Hispanic, Latin, Mexican Museums or
Traditional Date Places.

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Hispanic Latin Dating Traditional and Online Dating.

Traditional Dating and Dating Online
 What does Hispanic and Latin Mean?  Are the dating traditions the in both cultures? Hispanic name given to a ethnic groups. The group relationships Principality of Andorra, Spain, Portugal and territory of Gibraltar. New Spain is referred to as Hispanic. Extending to people and culture colonized by Spain. In the United States Spanish names, language and cultures are known as Hispanics. The U.S. Department of Transportation and Small Business Administration defines Hispanic as "persons of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Dominican, Central or South American, or others Spanish or Portuguese culture or origin, regardless of race." This denotation extents to other countries formally part of the Spanish Empire. There countries would be Equatorial Guinea, Africa and the Philippines.

In 1519 the indigenous people of Mexico were conquered by the Spaniards. Mexico was colonized for three hundred years. Mexico declared independence in 1810. In 1846 the Mexican American War began. A war between Mexico and America. It lasted for two years. At the end of the war Mexico ceded approximately one-half of its territory to the United States. Those former territories are currently U.S. states, Texas, California and New Mexico

The U.S. Office of Management and Budget defines "Hispanic or Latin" as " a person of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, South or Central America or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race."
Latin America, the Caribbean, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Latin America.Countries where Spanish or Portuguese languages prevailed. These countries were not only colonized by Spain and Portugal but by France and England.  Haiti was colonized by the French. While on the land mass Dominican Republic colonized by Spain and Spanish main language.  Jamaica colonized by England and English is the prevailing language.

Each culture and country has individual dating habits and traditions:

Dating Habits in Mexico
Traditionally the gender roles are strongly defined and contrasting. The male is expected to be the head of the household "the boss". Husbands are the provider in the household. In 1995, in Mexico males were approximately 65% in the workforce while women were only 35%. The wife is expected to submissive head of raising the children, adhering enforcing religion and maintaining the home.

Traditionally, family expectations are interrelated to the dating couple. The parents are held in highest respect. Pre-Marital sex is discouraged and correspondence in some cases still utilized by a close intermediary.Intermediates are, portadore. Portqadore can interview couples, counsel families and advise on suitable matches. The most respected portador is the Catholic Priest.  The groom would ask for permission to wed from the prospect bride's father. Ancient Mexico matchmaker were contacted by the  prospective groom's parents. Grooms were generally a few years older than their brides and expected to have completed custom education and training prior to marriage. An appropriate age for a bride was 15 years old. The matchmaker would contact the chosen girls parents and discussed marital possibility. Soothsayers had to set the marriage day under favourable day sign (good days were Reed, Monkey, Crocodile, Eagle and House

Dating Habits in Brazil – Group dating is not common and couples tend to date for longer periods before marriage

Dating Habits Central and South America – Teens are not allowed to date until they are 15 years old. After 15 years teen tend to date in large groups. Generally, dating teens will attend dances or local clubs to socialize.

American Mexican dating rules has contemporary issues the effect dating and gender roles. American dating culture convergence with Mexican traditional dating customs.

Hispanic - From Wikipedia
History of Mexico - Wikipedia
Latin America - Wikipedia

Hispanic Dating Online

History of Online Dating. The advancement of technology has advanced civilization to a new era. Technology once strictly used by industry has integrated into most homes in the United States. Examples are: cell phones, personal computers, IPADs, digital cameras, computerized systems in automobiles and home systems. Thomas Friedman stated it well in, "The World Is Flat".  The convergence of social events and technology has created new economic world powers. It would be naive to think that dating had not be effected by technology and globalization. Dating online in now specialized or customized into categories (Hispanic Online Dating, Senior Online Dating, Christian Online Dating, Local Dating, National Dating, International Dating and More). 2010 traffic to dating sites rose 13%. 2010 US 40 million used online dating sites and or social media to met new people. Approximately 50% of Americans know someone that has met a date online. Not suggesting the dating online for everyone. For those that are interested review dating services best suited for your needs and desires. Research services of interest. From the conveniences of your home search for compatible mate matches locally, nationally or internationally. Specify age group, religion and gender.  Technology has opened a new world and online matchmaking is here to stay.

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Latin Dating Sites | Hispanic Dating Sites | Matchmakers

Language of Love
 The Language of Love. Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian are Romantic Languages. Based from Vulgar Latin (or Romance) language. Romantic languages Spanish and Portuguese are  beautiful, seductive and flowing languages. In music Spanish and Portuguese glow with emotion, romance, desire and love. Looking for that elusvie "One" ? Latin service matchmaking for: dating, expand social circles, mutual respect, casual dating, serious dating, mutual respect, long-term relationships and or marriage. Latin compatible mates share like-mindness, shared values and ideas creating a balance between differences and similarities that unite couples into perfect harmony. Find Your Soul Mate In the Language of Love.

Online Latin Dating Services Reviews:

Amor International Top Hispanic Dating Websites that connect Latin singles looking for friendship, love, romance and/or marriage. Matchmaker FREE Date Search Sites Includes: Beautiful Latin Singles, Hispanic Chat Room Communities, Video, Latin Audio Web Messaging, Dating Advice, Personalize Profile and Much More. Amor Top International Hispanic Dating Site. Search for Latin singles in the USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Spain, Columbia, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Amor the language of LOVE.
Find Your Perfect Latin Mate!

Start Your Search for the Perfect Mate!
Latin Dating International Search - Spain               - Puerto Rico                     - Mexico  - Colombia        - Chile                                Brazil                   
                                            - Argentina one-stop solution Online Hispanic dating solution. Latin Matchmaking find romance, new friends, dating partner, love and or marrage. Latin site  has  multiple chat room communities, video and audio web messaging, dating advice. Many features to enhance and simply your Latin Dating Search from Instant Messaging to Video Chats. is a recognized leader in the online dating sector and the best approach for adults seeking successful and long lasting relationships. PerfectMatch has the exclusive to the Duet Compatibility System co-developed by renowned relationship expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz. Enjoyed by millions of PerfectMatch members, Duet® has proven to be more effective than any matchmaking service on the Web.
PerfectMatch has been featured on the big screen in the major motion pictures Must Love Dogs, Failure to Launch, and Superman Returns, and has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America and even Dancing With the Stars!

National and Global Dating Search
Perfectmatch.Com Latin Search Internationally

History of Matchmaking
Matchmaking is centuries old going back to the Hindu astrologer, Ashkenazi Jewish Shadchan. Matchmaker was considered a profession. Matchmakers were call upon to find right marriage candidate claiming stars sanctified the marriage matches. Some matchmakers used Tarot cards. Good prospect were considered if they could support their mate in the same economic manner as the prospects parents. Any match had to be approved by both parents.

In ancient Mexico matchmaker were contacted by the  prospective groom's parents. Grooms were generally a few years older than their brides and expected to have completed custom education and training prior to marriage. An appropriate age for a bride was 15 years old. The matchmaker would contact the chosen girls parents and discussed marital possibility. Soothsayers had to set the marriage day under favourable day sign (good days were Reed, Monkey, Crocodile, Eagle and House).

In rural areas, Matchmakers acted as formal chaperons for arranged dating mates. They would chaperon at festivals, neighborhood dances, social dinners, picnics and etc.. In Medieval Catholic society priest played a key role in matchmaking. Catholic Church priest arranged marriages for national alliance, to increase land, money and power. It was imperative that the royal bride was able to product a male heir.Through out history if queens could not product male heirs they were discarded.  Henry VIII of England is a good example of the practice. Rabbis were matchmakers in traditional Jewish communities.

In South Asia matchmakers were used to set up arranged marriages.They were called, Archer and generally a friend of the family. They were employed by the parents of the son and the desired mate would be sturdy and hardworking. A sturdy hardworking mate would increase land productivity and bear children. High risk wives would be pretty and popular and were not often considered the Matchmakers. The matchmaker only received a small gift after a successful wedding.

Immigrants brought the first Matchmakers to America. Hasidic Jews wanted there children to marry within their culture and religion. Matchmakers ensured that the married couple shared certain national, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

The Internet has changed the old method of dating and finding a mate. Specialized broad  or niche online dating services are now available. You can now find a mate anywhere in the world.  Search by speciality groups: age, race, religion, region, professional, sport fans, sexual preference, rural, local, international and etc. Choose one or more group/  The key to modern online matchmaking is to find candidates that are compatible. Interacting with a old Matchmaker was impersonal whereas online dating allows personal attention and anonymity. More importantly, Candidates are able the choice their own mate based on their own dreams, values and ideals.

Dating Newsletters and Articles

AMOR Hispanic Online Dating Service. Hispanic singles looking for  friendship, casual dating, serious dating, love and or marriage? International dating service matchmaking in USA, Spain, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil and Argentina.
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